Topic: [Casting Call] Uber Secret Project

Yeah, mah new film. Need three voices.

Employee at the local video rental store.
Man in his 30's, has some sort of Blunty-esque accent.
Test Line - "Don't you think that's going a little too far?"

Works with Ryan at the same store.
Same age as Ryan. Irish accent a la SmallTime.
Test Line - "We were just talking about...stuff."

Mr. Bobinski
Recently acquired the video rental store through a poker game.
Man in his 40's - 50's. Some kind of "Ze Old Countree" accent a la Watto (from SW prequel trilogy)
Test Line - "What were you talking about, boi?"

Send your testlines in an attached e-mail to [email protected] Please name your files "part_username".

Thanks in advance, mah bois.

EDITed the title for obvious reasons.

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