Topic: effect help?

Ok, so I need some help, or tips too do..... ehhhhh..... change color on lego in post-production?

like this:

or this:

soooo... I don't have afford to tan baseplates (yes, I want tan) so do any of you out there how to do that?

EDIT: BTW I have light gray baseplates mini/smile

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Re: effect help?

I think he used yellow bricks and than he make "Color Correction" in Composite-Lab.
When you don't have Composite-Lab, you can use Virtual Dub. There is also a Color Correction  filter. Try it out.


Re: effect help?

I think on ebay you can get baseplates for only $5-10 mini/wink

Re: effect help?

Key out the grey and put a tan color solid under it.