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I've decided to make a tribute video for the Rambo franchise. Took me a while to make it. Lemme know what ya think! Thanks guys!

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How original mini/rolleyes

^My first reaction. But then I checked video. Not too bad. The grass at beginning was cool, also other effect were well done - a bit less blood could be ok. Story is pretty normal rambo/wnb-rambo style: Kill 'em all.

I'd say 3.5/5 stars.

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The effects weren't that well. If you had used them more properly, it would have looked much more realistic. Looked like an over-used Detonation Films effect.

Brickfilmer a decade ago, now looking to relive the glory days mini/smile

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At first I thought this was a bad storyline but after getting into it I realized it was a decent story, and GREAT voice acting!

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