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Escaping from Police


This is my entry fo the Animation Challenge: 'CLIMBING' from Bricks in Motion (BiM). Sorry for the light flickers. For make this animation I used the software iStopMotion, iMovie and GarageBand. ENJOY IT!

Re: Escaping from Police

That was brilliant! Great animation!

'look like it was shot at 2 FPS by a blindfolded five year old boy with broken fingers and no thumbs.' -PushOver
I'll be back animating soon! Exams and computer faults are keeping me away </3

Drifter (THAC 11) - Here

Re: Escaping from Police

Some of the basic animation and light flicker needs work on, but all the climbing, swinging and other improvised animation was really really good. It was fun to watch.

Re: Escaping from Police

I liked the camera movements, but work on the light flicker.