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Batman-From The Shadows


Here it second entry for TheVisualCompany's Lego Battle contest...

Voices by Kurtis

Edited and animated by Kris

Music by Hans Zimmer

Re: Batman-From The Shadows

That was very good. Animation was almost flawless, but camera angles and movements sometimes weren't the best IMO. Also, the sound sometimes doesn't fit, or is absent. Plus some of the fight scenes looked like you already animated them before. Overall it's quite good. I'd give it a 7,5/10.

Re: Batman-From The Shadows

From the fact I have never really seen you before, the fact you are using the Lego company logo for the thumbnail, and the fact it is a Batman movie made me think it would be one of those awful Youtube muuveys we often get on this site.

I was pleasantly surprised. That was darn good!

The animation was good, the action was good, the voices were excellent, and I love the camera rotation. The action fitted the music perfectly and anything with 'The Dark Knight's' score shall be ten times more awesome. One thing that disappointed me was the lighting. I would have liked something a little darker to suit the Dark Knight himself. But look who's talking....

Overall, really good! I look forward to seeing more!


Max, She/They

Re: Batman-From The Shadows

Quite the cool fight scene, it was repetitive though, but still quite good. Also, use different sound effects, I always heard the exact same punching sound, it gets annoying.
Nice job.

Re: Batman-From The Shadows

Like vik said, the fighting was a bit repetitive and weird, but it was still good. it's better than anything i make mini/bigsmile


Re: Batman-From The Shadows

It started off really nicely! But then the whole thing goes really as the guys above said repetitive, it's not interesting to watch batman take out like 30 thugs in 2 minutes with the same shots and same combat, plus there are let's say "goofs" batman takes out a like 6 thugs and the viewer doesn't see any more in the shot then suddenly in the other shot there's already 5-6 thugs behind him even though in the previous shot they weren't really seen so they kind of come out from nowhere. The animation itself is good, I did not see any big mistakes in the animation, just with the continuity and the plot.

Re: Batman-From The Shadows

Good fight sequence, I would have liked to see more but good still. Try to get your lighting a bit sorted out better, you can use shadows in your advantage. It was a good relief from the usual batman films we get.