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An undercover agent works on recovering back a new Justin Bieber mp3 single...

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I know this is a little bit of a bump but I would really like to get some feedback on my film so I can improve on my next film I am working on.

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Okay... The animation was so so, the story was cheesy, and the effects were pretty poor. But, the film actually intrigued us, as it was pretty entertaining, the voice acting was done to perfection, and the music fit the movie. You managed to pull of a semi cinematic film which we have been dying to do. We were especially impressed with the house done in 3d. Overall 3/5 good job! mini/smile

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Pretty good animation, although I wish the run in with the guards had used a little more fighting than editing. Very simple plot, and the mission was shorter than the briefing. The end was kind of abrupt, too. We didn't see him get the file!

On the plus side, the voicing was pretty good, and the effects were adequate. The slider door was well done.

3/5 Practice, practice, practice!
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Thank you so much for your feedback. This film took me 3 months to make and I wish I could have made it longer but I had a deadline and had to cut it a bit short.

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Well, didn't know what to expect, but the first thing I noticed was you have exceptional quality video, over 1080 it looks like.  Then I noticed some nice titles, and I thought, he doesn't use WMM, which I should have thought when I noticed the video quality.  Then the animation came, and I knew your animation quality.
First thing I will say is that you are a good video editor, your animation just doesn't quite do justice.  It was fairly choppy, which brings up a question, what fps do you animate at? Secondly, there is lots of light flicker in the film, If you would tell me your camera settings I might be able to help.  Also, don't film in natural light, only controlled lighting.  Now the grenade throw and guy jumping was not very good, what I would recommend doing is masking, which requires no change in lighting.  The sets were basic, they were fine, but next time try some more exciting sets.  A good tutorial series can be found here.  The voice acting was not amazing, but better than some of the voice acting I've heard.


If you have any questions just ask. mini/smile

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