Topic: Making a Flip Book

Has anyone made a flip book of their favorite animation shot?  I've been thinking about doing this just for kicks, a low-tech presentation of my digital creations.

When I was a kid I had a couple Disney flip books from 2 classic disney films (forget which ones).  They were about 1.5"x3"x3/8" and probably about 2 seconds worth of animation.  I was quite fascinated by them when I was young and thought it would be cool to try to make my own of my favorite shots. 

My plan is to create 2 flip books in 1.  They'll be essentially just a stack of 4x6" photographs with half of each photo being a frame from one shot, the other half being a frame from the other shot.  I'll hold the stack in "portrait" direction, holding the top and flipping the bottom to view the animated shot.  Then I'll turn the stack 180 degrees, hold the top and flip the bottom to see the other shot.  I will likely have black letterboxes above and below each image for the correct aspect ratio.

The challenge for me will be to figure out how to rotate and compose 2 frames onto a 4"x6" image, and do automatically for all the frames in my shots.  Then it's just a matter to order prints from Wal-Mart or wherever which is only about 9-cents (US) a piece these days.

Re: Making a Flip Book

I love making flip school mini/wink

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status:buying bricks and sets