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Thank you to our judges Noodle and Night Owl.  I judged too.

I know not everybody will agree with these results, but we really felt that being true to the theme of the contest was the critical component of this contest, and judged accordingly.

We have judges' comments for every entry, so if you're not in the top 20 we can PM you your comments/scores on request.  Some of the scores will probably seem pretty low to you guys, but it's sort of necessary in order to differentiate between entries (it doesn't mean, for instance, that a film with a 5/10 is F-quality work!)

One more reminder:     

Many thanks to our sponsors for making the contest prizes this time around some of our best ever.

Here is a list of all the entries:

Sdrawkcab (Allekto1323)                  
Ye Giants of Olde (ancientbricks)       
Crime Stories (bodville)                    
New Friendly (brenden17)                 
The Lego Movie Montage (BrickAction101)
Brick Battle (Builder Brothers)           
Colour (CheeseyBricks)                    
Just me and myself (ct45211)            
Amnesia (Darkman)                         
The Recycle Machine! (EddieHasscle)  
Metamorphosis (fallentomato)            
The After Life Experience (filmyguy)   
Phil and Nick mafia time (Fredrikomovies)
no title 17 (HausmacherFilme)           
T.I.N. (                             
After Twenty Years (jogopocomedia)   
The Missing Piece (juggernuatpictureshw)
The Hero (Just Kidden)                      
Home For Supper (KinzCove)             
The Dark One (kitbricksto)                 
Radio Death (legostudiosplus)            
The Lego Minifig. Head Corp. (legosword89)
Mr. Bad Frame (lgfb1film)                  
The Magician (MindGame)                  
It's a Pleasure to meet you (NiceGuy1130)
The Quest of the Bricks (nate13545)  
Zombie: Genesis (Nick Durron)          
Brick World (PeanutMaster87)            
LEGOlogy (tbonesocrul)                     
Close Call (TheOstudio)                    
Studless Freedom (Timothy R)           
Music     (VIMStudios)                       
Odd Jobs (namchild)                        
The Importance of Life and Death (sabertoothedlime)

A few entries were disqualified on the basis of having been removed by the author (such that we could not watch them) or for copyright reasons:

The Dark One (kitbricksto) (copyrighted characters)
The Lego Movie Montage (BrickAction101) (copyrighted characters)
LEGOlogy (tbonesocrul) (copyrighted music)
The Recycle Machine! (EddieHasscle) (copyrighted music)
unknown (DBSstudios) (film removed)
unknown (jcharsch) (film removed)

And here are the judges' comments for the top 22 films:

Zombie: Genesis -- We felt that this entry, more than any of the others, combined technical excellence and a solid, innovative concept.  The technical work here is nearly flawless, and while the concept isn't perhaps the boldest and most original idea possible, it was genuinely unexpected and the result is entertaining and unpredictable.  Excellent work all around.

Mr. Bad Frame --  A very intriguing concept; the judges felt this was the best film in the competition, conceptually.  Unfortunately, the execution is at times quite rough, probably due to the short time spent making the film.  Still, the film is ambitious and impressive in a number of ways.

no title 17 --  While this is not a huge departure from the director's previous films, it is effectively cute and a nice homage to the style of early German experimental animations.  The combination of an interesting concept and nearly flawless execution of a relatively simple style made this one of the stronger entries in the contest.

Odd Jobs -- This film was particularly innovative in the technical sense.  The various kinds of environmental lighting, use of live action, and painted car designs, and other technical details were all pretty unusual and added a lot to this film's presentation and certainly qualify as an innovative way of approaching the technical side of the film.  That said, the animation is quite a bit rougher than some of the other entries that rated highly in presentation.  The subject matter, being a fairly literal music video, isn't especially innovative, but the visual style still earns this entry a strong placement in the contest.

Ye Giants of Olde -- Though the 3D was for the most part done well, this was not our favorite aspect of this entry.  The style is simplistic in a refreshing way, with one large set and minimal post-production editing.  The sets and characters are unlike anything we've seen in some time, and though this film's ending feels somewhat truncated it is still a solid entry.

The Magician -- The animation here is exceptional, but it's clear that the entry was put together in a relatively short amount of time.  Editing is somewhat uneven, and the scale of the visuals doesn't quite do justice to that of the music.  Nonetheless, it's a clever concept and excellent animation that made this film one of the stronger entries in the contest.

Crime Stories -- This entry was probably the most technically impressive film submitted to the contest.  The camera dollies and sheer amount of action taking place in every shot is impressive; attention to detail is also high.  However, we felt that while this is one of the better films to emerge from the contest, the connection to the theme was not as strong as some of the higher-ranking entries; both the concept of cops & robbers, and that of a music video, are fairly well-tread ground in brickfilming even if this does combine the two in an exciting way.  An entertaining short film in its own right.

Metamorphosis -- A cool animation, though it plays off like a commercial rather than a film.  Still, the level of complexity and originality entailed in this video earned it high technical marks.

Amnesia -- An interesting film that really seems to try to be different.  Unfortunately, the plot is not as coherent as perhaps it could have been.  Still, there are some interesting pieces of cinematography in the film, and its ambition is clear.

Colour -- This film had an intriguing concept, though it was perhaps not taken as far as it could have been.  The characters' appearance seems to be the main irregularity of the film; this just wasn't enough for us to see the film as especially innovative.  A solid entry nonetheless!

Studless Freedom -- A fun, cartoony concept that is refreshingly "meta" in its approach to the medium.  However, technical work was fairly average and lets down the film in that respect.  Still, one of the more fun concepts seen in the contest!

The After Life Experience -- Though this entry was eerily reminiscent of a number of white expanse and afterlife films that have come before, the animation and cinematography are well executed; the editing and style of the film were also notable.  Congratulations on an intriguing short.

Brick Battle -- There are some nice ideas and pieces of animation in here, though in the end it does play off as one of the more common kinds of brick films, a fight scene, with a few innovations.  It would have been nice if some of the moves in the video had a little more impact and speed to them, perhaps; some of the animation lacked "oomph."  Good luck with your future projects!

New Friendly -- Kind of a cool concept, but it just wasn't taken very far.  The somewhat underwhelming music choice didn't help it much, either.  Perhaps with a little more time and a better music selection this could have been a stronger film, though it was a neat idea nonetheless.  Good luck with your future projects!

Sdrawkcab -- An ambitious, Memento-esque concept that work fairly well though the technical work and storytelling leave some room for improvement.  Kudos for trying to do something new.  Good luck with your future projects!

Just me and myself -- Some of the effects work and visuals in this are really interesting, though it all goes by a little too quickly to enjoy in some ways.  Would love to see what could have been done with a little more time spent on the entry.  Good luck with your future projects!

It's a Pleasure to meet you -- The pencil animation is cool, but in the end there wasn't really a lot to this entry.  Still, nice job of doing something a little different.  Good luck with your future projects!

The Hero -- Kudos for making a fairly long, ambitious western.  This was entertaining but in most ways did feel like sort of a parody of westerns, with little in the way of "Avant-Garde" innovations.  A good effort, however; good luck with your future projects!

The Quest for the Bricks -- A pretty cool concept, though the execution leaves room for improvement.  The idea of a continuous shot was nice, and the effect of objects moving past the minifigure was creative.  Good luck with your future projects!

Home for Supper -- It definitely shows that this was put together very quickly.  The concept is interesting and some of the visual ideas are cool but it's just not polished enough to be effective.  Also the subject matter isn't really ideal for this contest.  Good luck with your future projects!

Brick World -- There were some nice ideas in here, but it did feel like kind of a series of random events.  Remember, Avant-Garde doesn't just mean weird and incomprehensible.  mini/wink  Good luck with your future projects!

After Twenty Years -- Though there are some interesting visuals and ideas in this entry, it ended up being somewhat tough to follow, and the film didn't really fit the theme all that well in our minds.  Still, kudos for trying new things.  Good luck with your future projects!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this contest a success!


Re: BiM 2010: Avant-Garde Results!

Congrats Nick
Also, you should have the name of the film be the link, it would be alot easier for the rest of us

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Re: BiM 2010: Avant-Garde Results!

Quite awesome! Congrats to the winners!

Re: BiM 2010: Avant-Garde Results!

13th?!?!  WOW!!! mini/bigsmile  That's WAY better than we thought we'd place!  Congrats to all the other winners!

Re: BiM 2010: Avant-Garde Results!

Congratulations to all the winners! great job everyone!

Re: BiM 2010: Avant-Garde Results!

I guess it's cool to know I was one place close to being in the top 10. mini/tongue I'm somewhat satisfied with the winners anyway. Bodville and MindGame didn't place as high as I expected them to be (I was expecting the judging to just give the prizes to the big brickfilmers mini/tongue ), so I'm very happy. Well done to everyone. mini/bigsmile

Re: BiM 2010: Avant-Garde Results!

Congratulations, Nick Durron! You deserved to win! Good job to everyone else who entered as well.

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I have awesome sauce in my veins! Which i sprinkle on each of my videos to give it an extra dose of aweomseness!

Re: BiM 2010: Avant-Garde Results!

Will a chat transcript ever be available?

Re: BiM 2010: Avant-Garde Results!

I dunno, it was really long and spammy this time, we had more problems with that than usual.  I'm not sure why you'd want to read it, we ended up having to silence people most of the time.

Re: BiM 2010: Avant-Garde Results!

Thanks to the sponsors, to Smeagol for announcing the winners on chat and for posting the results so quickly, and to all the judges for their hard work.  This was an exciting contest.  I already can't wait for the next one.  Congratulations to all the winners!!!

Re: BiM 2010: Avant-Garde Results!

Well, I just got an amazing new video idea.

Congratz, guys! I'm just a little shocked at the results, not just because of how I was placed but how others did such as Mindgame, Boville, etc. I was a little disturbed by that. Even though I think Nick Durron's film was totally awesome, I'm not sure if it should have gotten that high.

Re: BiM 2010: Avant-Garde Results!

Why did Juggernaut not win? 'The Missing Piece' was epic. No joke.

Re: BiM 2010: Avant-Garde Results!

Sméagol wrote:

I'm not sure why you'd want to read it, we ended up having to silence people most of the time.

We just wanted to read what people said about the various entries (especially ours mini/wink ) as the results were announced, since we could not make the chat.

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Re: BiM 2010: Avant-Garde Results!

Congratulations everyone who won! mini/smile

Re: BiM 2010: Avant-Garde Results!

I'm happy about my place mini/smile
For a last-minute entry, we did well to be honest.
Congrats to Nick, he deserved it.
and thanks for giving me a frikkin terrifying evening, SMEAGOL mini/tongue

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Re: BiM 2010: Avant-Garde Results!

I'm glad to see a real variety in the winners, it's nice to see a contest that rewards originality over polish. The results for contests here are usually pretty predictable, but there were some genuine surprises this time.

That being said, I do have qualms with many of the scores. I may be one of the few who felt that Zombie:Genesis did not deserve to win, (I felt like it ended up not so different from the average action brickfilm) but its scores also seem inflated (compare the point difference between it and 2nd place with the one between 2nd and 3rd and so forth), as if the judges decided it would be the winner and then scored it accordingly. I also think the judges overly favored films with traditional narrative structure, but obviously all judging is subjective. I don't mean to be negative, I think there are a lot of great films in the contest and happy for all the hard work the contestants, judges and sponsors put in, I just think the judging is a little wacked. mini/confused

I am honored that my film ranked so high in presentation, and overall as well. Looking forward to next year's contest!  mini/wink

Re: BiM 2010: Avant-Garde Results!

I was dissapointed at MG score, His deserved better IMO

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Re: BiM 2010: Avant-Garde Results!

Congrats everyone!  I think the judging was quite well, and I'm glad to see that Mr. Bad Frame got second.  Great job LGFB.  Congrats to all the winners!

Re: BiM 2010: Avant-Garde Results!

I am very pleased with the judging of this contest, great job!
Congratulations to the winner and everybody who enterd
And thanks Smeagol for keeping the yearly contests alive mini/smile

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