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A failed 5 second film.
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Re: Hotels

Okay, gonna come out and say it; Slow down.

It's great that you're energetic and passionate about brickfilming, but you need to focus on the script just as much as the animation!  The story was nothing, I dare say there was none. Make a script that makes sense, and is entertaining. This was just some random guy talking about hotels. Other than the story, technical aspects where pretty good. Animation was alright, but it seemed like it was less than 12 fps, which is not very good for brickfilming. Voice acting was good, but the voices didn't suit either character.

There really isn't much to critique. Also, please shorten down the titles. Titles take up more than half of your films usually. Anyways, although I don't think this can be classified as a 'release', 2/5, simply for the pure randomness that is 'Hotels.'


Re: Hotels

The animation was not very good, and I don't see the point in making a film where a guy just talks about hotels.

Also, the picture that goes in between before the "Weird Dude" starts talking was horrible. You should have made it go in a little closer and higher.

And I'm sorry if this came off a bit rude.



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