Topic: Smoothing?

So I've been shooting endlessly for my film, and have had to compromise on a couple of shots.

For instance in one shot the minifigs head shakes a bit (i slightly shaved a bit off the inside of the head for easy turning, but it wobbles a bit now)

is there any way i can smooth things like this out in ae or photoshop?

some kind of blur or streak filter?

Re: Smoothing?

You can use a vector blur thingy in After Effects. Motion blur in AE makes everything look good.

Re: Smoothing?

If I could see the shot in question I might be able to offer a suggestion or two. What kind of editing software do you have at your disposal? (Motion, AE, Final Cut, etc.)

Re: Smoothing?

Using Motion as an example (Haven't used AE much), I would try this.

1. Create a mask around the area that needs to be worked on
2. Motion track the mask to the source video
3. Apply a motion (blur) effect to smooth to the mask to smooth it out