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Ancient Brothers


Dastanmanpanstan was roaming through the desert until he sees an assassin!

I worked on this for two days, which isn't much. I've had this on YouTube for about a month now, but was too embarrassed by the horrible voice acting to put it up here.

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Ancient is how it is spelled.

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the animation of him showing off spinning swords and such is awesome

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It's so cool. The animation is great! Continue.

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I really enjoyed this.  It was well-done and amusing. 

The voice-acting wasn't really terrible - just very hard to understand.  I had to keep playing with my volume because the music/sounds were so much louder.  Save up for a better microphone, and it will improve your films a lot! mini/smile

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Your animation has improved on this. The voice acting was the only downside.


what could have been: jeffrey and the old man make some robots
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