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A group of specially trained Police Marines investigate a suspected residence of Alien Criminals.Note that this is a pilot, hence the lack of story etc. Improvements for the following episodes are going to made from this, so far with better sound, adding muzzle blasts, and fleshing out a story.

Special Thanks to ScypaxPictures for lending his voice.

Overall:  4
Story:  2
Animation: 4.5
Cinematography:  3.5
Effects:  6
Sound:  5.5
Music:  4

Yay, I suck.

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Very good!


I rearwy, rearwy like dinosaurs. Or something...

Re: Space Police Marines

not bad...not bad at all.

Re: Space Police Marines

That was pretty cool!  Can't wait to see future episodes.

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That was some pretty good animation but the only flaw was the camera was not focused on the minifigures at some times but other than that and the old guns for the future pretty good 4 stars mini/wink

Re: Space Police Marines

This is honestly one of my most favorite brickfilms on the forums. The atmosphere you create in the film is both realistic and mysterious. But sadly there are still some flaws that maybe you could work on in your future films. The gun sound effect, while being "realistic" and adding to the atmosphere, doesn't really match the futuristic time the film is  taking place in...unless they found out blasters weren't really possible after all or something. mini/tongue There is also not much of a story, but I understand this is your pilot for the series, so hopefully the upcoming episodes follow some kind of interesting plot.

As for the animation, the beginning scene was a bit iffy, as well as when they are walking. The walking sound effects didn't match up too well, but they could of been far worse. The animation did kick up to almost Fancypants quality when your gun fight started, and the sound-flash sync matched up well enough.  The sound editing on the guns were fairly well done, but the voices seemed to be a little too low for me. Oh, I just realized I used Fancypants as a reference to the animation, whose voice acting in this was fantastic. Moving on, the shakycam in this film was fantastic, and so was the first person view shot. The ending explosion didn't honestly look like much of a explosion, I think the light needed to have a little more orange in it or something, but that isn't too big of a issue really.

Overall, this is a really fine piece of work, well worth anyone's time.  I am honestly looking forward to future films from you, so keep it up!!


Oh, and I almost forgot to point out the WORST thing about this voice acting.

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