Topic: Need HELP with CGI flying text

I need some text to "fly over" and land in front of my logo for my Avante-Garde entry.  I've done as best I can using the "motion" functionality of my video editor, but the results are not great I'm afraid.  You can see my best attempt here:

If there are any CGI gurus out there who could help me out with this, I imagine it might be quite simple for someone who knows what they're doing with Blender or whatever.  If someone can help me out, I'll supply you with the real, super-secret text image I want to have fly over.  What I would need is a text on black video clip.  I can take care of overlaying it myself.  And I'll be more than happy to credit you in my film for your help.


Re: Need HELP with CGI flying text

Hmmm, I guess I could do this in Blender, but I think there are other people (like Leo) who would be able to do it in a wink and have it come out spiffy. If you want me to though (because I'm not exactly terrible either) PM me the details.

Re: Need HELP with CGI flying text

hey I'm no pro but if you PM or E-mail me your video logo I could try!
It's worth a shot!:D mini/wink mini/yes

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Re: Need HELP with CGI flying text

Sorry, one of us should have posted in this thread that I'm doing this for him already. However, I don't control the video (obviously, because it's not mine), so you could still send him a PM to ask if you could do it and discuss it with him.