Re: Malheur

Hello everyone,

thanks for all your comments (positive or negative). It is much appreciated.

What I want to show with this film is about the feeling of 'malheur' ('misfortune' in English but to understand more as 'sorrow'). It is like an illustrated definition of the word (to explain quickly). The cinematography, grading and the music are the main guiding of this feeling of 'malheur'.

I wanted also the movie to be depressing. But I am glad that for some people, fear was one of their feeling watching the movie.

Technically, I confess, the mouth animation was not what I enjoyed to do the must but was necessary to have a clear understanding of the character's feeling for some scenes. About the flickering, to be honest I didn't try to bringing down (I even sometimes add some). I like the kind of 'hand-made touch' (if that makes sense) that could give to the video, makes it less 'clean'. But I suppose it is a matter of taste.

So, again, thanks for your comments. It is great to have your thoughts about my movie and can always be considered for another one if there are any.

But for now I am concentrating on the subtitles. English, German, English for hard of hearing and French for hard of hearing are already available. There are only at the stage of 'draft' really, but hope there are clear enough for English and German people to understand. Some 'optimized' versions will come later as for a German for hard of hearing too.