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For those of you who are wondering, she was named Purple because the mornings in the western sky usually have a purple tint to them. Try to wake up about an hour to 40 minutes before the sun comes up, and then while you are waiting, play that one song, "Here comes the sun" (lol).

The sky is also purple-ish in the east when the sun is setting. But anyway, that is where I got the name Purple, from the morning hours themselves. mini/tongue

Also, thank you for all the feedback/help guys, it means a lot. Happy you really enjoyed it Hazzat, Just Kidden, and Dog. mini/XD
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I don't care as much about the name Purple, though I have to say that it sounds kind of 70s to me, if you're willing to take that into account.

Looking at this and Stars, it seems like you have a thing for taking feelings and sensations and using them as the starting point for a sort of magic realist narrative. You definitely do it in a way that is convincing, but the whole concept seems kind of gratuitous to me. You know how to create a mood, though, which is great.

I wasn't that sold on the lighting, though early mornings are probably really difficult to do. I would have kept the interior completely dark except for a warm glow from a lamp or something, and made the light outside more purple or blue. I think if you set your white balance to incandescent and light the interior with an overly red or orange light, you'll get something that looks good.

I really liked the motif of the wind chimes.

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Early Mornings Review:

I knew before it even came out it would be masterfully created, and I was right. A lot of people do Comedy, which I have found gets tiring very quickly, but I have to say, you've done something really original here. I don't think Thefourmonkeys was really the best option for voicing Purple, but it is hard to mind a female voice actor. Your voice acting however has superb. You were impeccable, plus you actually sound like a younger Nathan Wells, and he was always a great one.

The actual Set Design could have been better, perhaps a bit more detail in places, but that's easy to look past. You suffered not one bit from flickers and maintained great lighting throughout, the animation was also flawless, and the camera angles were also very nice to see (I myself love the Dutch Angles)!

The story it's self was slightly confusing in places, but was interesting nonetheless and held together also. I actually saw a lot of similarities to "Stars", with the whole come with us aspect, and the different being.
Overall I'd give this a strong 7.9/10, great job.


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he wakes up; it was all a dream...

actually, i was waiting for him to wake up mini/twitch (lol), but overall, it was a very good film.