Topic: Greenscreening with GIMP? (not how-to)

I'm greenscreening a sky into a shot of a field. I plan an using GIMP, but will I have to key each frame, or is there a free way to chrome key the video clip?

Re: Greenscreening with GIMP? (not how-to)

Using GIMP is a bit of a silly idea because you'll have to go through each and every frame.

And so, in steps The Free Software List to aid you in finding the chroma keying program that is right for you.

Re: Greenscreening with GIMP? (not how-to)

Ya dont use GIMP... its a pain to have to key each and every frame
I would suggest the CineGobs Keyer off The Free Software List of off The CineGobs Website
The program is very good at Keying and simple to use with tutorials like this