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Hey guys, I can finally release this now the site is out!

I didn't want to fail the End of the Year '08 challenge, so I worked hard for three days to complete a brickfilm. I came up with this and I honestly think it came out quite well! (apart from my horrible Dutch accent)

High quality: h.264 Quicktime - 34.3 mb - 720x405

Medium Quality: Vimeo Streaming

Low Quality: Youtube Streaming

Sit back and enjoy! mini/smile

I have also made pictures of during the animating process this time, so if you're interested: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

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That was excellent!

Wonderfully smooth animation and a good punchline. Nice timing too.

It gets a 7/10 from me!

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Never expected someone to say the animation was wonderfully smooth, I think it's pretty jerky actually. mini/tongue
I animated with 18 FPS.

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I really liked that twist ending. It was hilarious.

And also, nice cinematography.

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That was a nice film, I liked the lighting when the doors opened to the tomb, when the light shone on the pillars and walls, looked nice.

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Very polished film with good technical aspects.

The ending is killing me. In a good way, though. mini/smile

Very nice work, Bastetta. I like it. Your lighting was solid, and the animation and sound worked well with the story.

- Leo

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Awesome twist at the end. Awesome audio, and the lighting was very well done.

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A simply exelent film by Bastetta. I really enjoyed this film, as the technical aspects of it were near perfect and the the short and simple story was very fun. The cinematography was very much like Darkman's The Quest For The Blood Diamond one and two in the opening sequence. But the shots inside the temple were made very errie and gave a great atmosphere. The lighting from the torch was well done aswell, and the twist at the end was brilliant mini/smile

The Long Lost was a fun film and I hope to see more from the director.


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Thanks for all the nice comments! There's a small cameo from Hungry Tribe II in it, by the way.

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Nice ending, i thought the sound effects we're very high class.


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I liked the shoveling sound effects, and the zombie mini/wink at the end.

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randomparrot wrote:

Nice ending, i thought the sound effects we're very high class.

Yes, you can get some really great sound effects from , you have to sign up though but it's all free.

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awesome film
the sounds and lighting was excelent
and great ending

^Click to watch

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this film is awesome!!!

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I really enjoyed this film. I didn't expect the ending. I liked the light from the flashlight scene. Was that made with live action because it was a pretty smooth and good shot. I loved the shoveling starting sequence, but the animation looked like they were just dragging the shovels. I know the minifig design hinders the animation from looking realistic, but it was still awesome. I liked that you used sand with the film, because it made it look more like the desert.

I liked this film. Good job Bastetta!

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wow, a brickfilm that I actually enjoyed!

Great work!


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None of the links seem to work, 10 years on. Shame...

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Here is the film. I have a wiki page (that is only half finished) where you will find plenty of old missing films such as this one here. Just use Ctrl+F and search for a film name.