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Made mostly in 24 hours for THAC 7.
I got a late start on my film, and as usual, had too big of an idea from the start. After twelve hours, I pretty much gave up on the movie, which is quite obvious near the end (lack of sound effects and animation.)
A week after THAC, I dug my entry back up, added the opening scene and fixed some of the audio before posting here. (The original entry can be found at

Despite everything, it was still a nice learning experience and good impetus to work harder on other projects. So here, in all its imperfect glory, is 'Guides'!

I never plan on buying anything when I go to the Lego Store.
Strangely enough, I always wind up finding something that makes me ditch those plans.

Re: THAC 7 - Guides

Nice, I'm lovin' the POV running-through-foliage shot.

- Leo

Re: THAC 7 - Guides

I liked that camera view too.  It really makes you feel like your in the movie.

Re: THAC 7 - Guides

The jungle was great as were the pink ninja's.

For future films:
- be careful of your reflection being seen on the walls like in the first scene;
- raise and lower the audio in your editing software until the voices are similar levels.

I look forward to your next film.


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