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The Desktop - Christmas!

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Merry Christmas! Mr. Overalls is rudely awoken by The Animator, only to find himself lost on the floor with many dangerous creatures! Enjoy!

Re: The Desktop - Christmas!

One of the weirdest desktops I've got to admit. Animation was superb and I guess you Chroma Keyed the
moving background in when your hand took Mr Overalls into the air.

Re: The Desktop - Christmas!

Best. Desktop. Ever.



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Re: The Desktop - Christmas!

You kinda lost me there mini/confused

Re: The Desktop - Christmas!

No Homerball, I think he animated his hand along with it.

Re: The Desktop - Christmas!

The hand/minifig shot looks pretty chroma keyed to me (or composited at least).

That was as random as it was enjoyable. Short, sweet, and high quality. What more could one ask for on Christmas (apart from iPods I guess)?

Re: The Desktop - Christmas!

anim was good but i didnt like the concept very much, sorry but i have lliked your other desktop films better.