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LEGO Geico Commercial


This is a parody of the commonly seen Geico commercials that involve a regular customer and a paid entertainer of some sort.

Note: Quite honestly, I do not remember if I submitted this film before.  I searched for the film on the site and did not find it.  If I have made an error in re-submitting this with it already being submitted, I do apologise.

Also, I made an error in crediting Spudster with the role of Ryan Lucas.  The voice-over was performed by benji_monji, if memory serves me right.

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Re: LEGO Geico Commercial

Woah, I haven't seen a brickfilm made with the lego cam for a while!  I won't bother complaining about its quality like I used to when I owned one (Oh no, am I getting nostalgic about the lego cam!?  Someone set me straight!) except to say that the animation was pretty decent considering.  Anyway, even though it's an old one, I enjoyed this short little film.
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