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Made on windows movie maker, I know it sucks....A dealer *played by CarrollFilms* talks to a man named, Mr. Cooper, *played by xxxfancypantsxxx*and has a deal with him, the deal leads to a tragic end...

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Well actually I thought that was pretty good. Animation was smooth and the timing was nicely pulled off. Some nice voice acting too, though the end was a bit predictable.
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yah, i thought it was great, especially for WMM. The plot of the lines though was a little bit off but i loved it other than that!

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I really enjoyed this film. I thought it was well made and funny. mini/smile

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That was a great little film!  Like Brain Wave said the ending was predictable but I still really enjoyed it.  Great job!

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I really liked it. I must be a bit slow because I didn't see the ending coming... mini/lol

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That was great, ST. mini/smile I loved the voice acting.


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