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The Vending Machine of Doom

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I just put this film together because it was my first time using my HDD handycam which is a camcorder and this was my first time using a camcorder

A Life? Cool! Where can I download one of those from?

Re: The Vending Machine of Doom

This is great.

The animation is decent, but the sounds are a little on the poor side. I can barely hear you talking, so I have to turn it up all the way...and when the other sounds came into play, it almost blew me back. mini/XD

Nice work, however. Keep on Brick'n!
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Pretty good, but work on the sound effects. Just recently I stopped using the overdone ones that make a film more unrealistic and began making my own. But nice, I like it!

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The film had decent sound, Some of them quite low, and some of them quite high.
Also, The vending machine was a little out of propotions.
I would prefer That down there, That looks quite a lot, like the one i made, But of curse..
Brickshelf is down.. Again..
EDIT: What the.. Where did my picture go?! mini/blankexpression

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I also made one a lot like this before they became a popular theme. But like everyone else said, your voice is to quiet animation is good.

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The animation and camera quality were good. I liked those two factors a lot. The storyline was simple, but entertaining. The audio was good as well. The only thing that is not at its best is the set design. Try to keep the walls the same color all the way through. If you couldn't, then at least have two walls with each having its own color. And try to keep the color earth tone, since it is inside the house. White and tan are good. Overall, a sweet, short film that does it's job.

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