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Take My Breath Away


One man, one mission, one inability to listen to instructions. What will happen next?

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Preety good id say. mini/wink
A lot of effects and good lighting.



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The door animation was nicely done, I enjoyed that gag.  I also mostly liked the cartoony effects work, and the sets are nice as always.

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Poor guy... mini/blankexpression. Your animation is outstanding compared to most of your other stuff. You're awsomesause.

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Thanks for the reviews, guys! mini/bigsmile
I was originally not going to have the door part, but hen I got carried away while animating. mini/tongue

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Awesome film MooCJ. The door gag was funny and I liked it when he died because
he couldn't breath mini/cat

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Briljant score, who made it?

''You don't have to tell him how great is coffee is man!''

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Oh ho, Tom, you so silly. (It was a great score)

I enjoyed the film; it was silly fun.
I have mixed feelings about the door gag. It was funny, but I think it was either too long or shouldn't have been repeated for such a short film.
- Aaron

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I also had mixed feelings about the door gag. On one side, it is funny because of how fast it happens. On the other, there was something rote about it-as if you were just playing by the rules of the cartoon universe. Something that might have added to the effect is having the crew member move while he's being hit by the door. Even if he's been knocked out, there's still some amount of slumping/disorientation going on. There's no hesitation the second time around so maybe the little lego man likes being smacked around by the door.

Maybe you could clear this up for me: (Spoiler) Why does the tester change color when he's being talked to? Is this to show his lack of listening skills? Is he holding his breath? Perhaps lenghthen the scene, have the boss drone on in the background while a thought bubble provides wacky images. The color bit confused me-I thought he had mistakenly stepped outside already and was dying! (/Spoiler)

Your animation is well done for this short. The crisp picture, well-made sets and attention to detail elevate this short to a fun watch. I liked the old school bricks in the construction of the spaceship. The change to the skeleton face was awesome-I like your style.

A tip: Be careful where the blu-tak goes next time so you don't catch it on camera.


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Why does the tester change color when he's being talked to?

It is indeed the lack of listening skills. The idea of a thought bubble never occurred to me, and now that you mention it it sounds like a good idea. mini/wink
The door scenes could have indeed been shorter, but as I said before, I was rather enjoying myself whilst animating.

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Rating: 5 Stars
I loved the video, it was hilarious. Great job, and the special effects are perfect!