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October Fools' Day

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A joke taken a bit too far.Also, sorry for the bad quality and sound, youtube doesn't like me mini/sad

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Funny. mini/smile

I saw some flickering and the video should have multible voice actors.

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Stud Studios wrote:

the video should have multible voice actors.

.....It did.

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sorry. I couldnt tell the difference. mabye there should be a little kid and an an adult. mini/smile

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Ohh snap, he got punched in the balls!

All in all this was an enjoyable film. It reminded me slightly of KG's stuff, but a completely seperate style nonetheless. I rate it TWO CRACKED BALLS OUT OF TWO

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Well the lighting was a bit too dark but the animation was very smooth.
Also I didn't really find it funny but I sort of laughed on the bit where he
got hit in the balls mini/lol