Topic: Digital Zoom - when to use?

I'm wondering when people think using digital zooms in shots is a good idea.  I've been shooting most of my recently animated stuff at pretty high resolution (1600x1200 up to 2048x1536) to allow for HiDef stuff down the road.  That kind of resolution also means that I've got a lot of room for digital pans and zooms.  What I'm finding is that I'm having a tough time to know when to dig zoom and when to leave a shot stationary.  I figure that over using zooms (which simulate camere "pushes" or "pulls") can get annoying, but I'm not sure how much is too much. Up to this point, I've tended to use zooms on longer shots that lack much motion to make them more interesting (and to emphasize the main character of the shot by zooming in on him/her).  I've also found that slow, minimal zooms are best.  Zooming from 100% to 150% in about a 10 second shot is about as fast as I think looks good.  Subtle zooms that are barely perceptible I also think look pretty nice.

So I'm curious what other film makers' thoughts are on when to use zooms, when not to, how much is too much, etc.

Re: Digital Zoom - when to use?

Zooming and panning digitally can add some life and excitement to an otherwise static shot of a minifig talking.  I think it starts to get a little repetitive if every shot in a conversation has a slow zoom to it, but it can be useful in creating tension - in Unrenewable, during the conversation in the Beached Whale, I made the shots tighter as they went and began adding a slight zoom effect near the end of the scene.