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An alternate ending if you will to The Dark Knight. This film is long overdue and not exactly what I would call "my very best work" but it is certainly in the top 5 of my best films, In my opinion anyway.

Special thanks go to Keshen8 for being an awesome voice actor.
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Although Dark Knight/Batman jokes are getting a little tired, I really liked this.  The scene was definately carried by the terrific voice acting by Keshen, but I thought you did a great job with your animation in portraying the emotions.  You also had nice tight editing which was nice to see. 

Very funny and enjoyable, nice work.

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at first i was like
whre did he get this audio then i saw
"Special thanks to Keshen8 for the voice"
otherwise it had me fooled
i think you portrayed the film nicely

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I really liked it. Animation was good throughout and the timing of the last line was spot on, though I predicted what he was going to say mini/tongue. Highly enjoyable mini/bigsmile.

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Re: The Dark Delay

Awesome, your films are always great. Smooth animation, too.
Great job. mini/smile

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Re: The Dark Delay

Thanks guys! mini/bigsmile  It's a shame though that the picture quality didn't come out as good as I thought it would, using the 9000 I mean mini/confused

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Re: The Dark Delay

mini/lol "Now!  I'm off to save Rachel--" *kaboom*

Re: The Dark Delay

Loved it! mini/lol