Topic: Brickfilming Sets

I am looking to get some new sets but wanted to see which would be most useful and have good "brickfilming parts".

Any sets you guys recommend? mini/confused

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Re: Brickfilming Sets

Really, all LEGO sets have good brickfilming parts. It mostly depends on what you are going to use them for.
If you want to get as much LEGO as possible, you should get some of the bigger sets. If you are lokking for "complicated" and interesting LEGO, you should try and get some of the Power Miners or Agent sets. I know one of the Agent sets has a laptop. mini/yes

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Re: Brickfilming Sets

Well, that's really your opinion. Sometimes I buy sets just because it would have parts that would inspire a movie. Power Miners, Indiana Jones (just use some movies though, not for a Indiana Jones movie because that's unoriginal), Star Wars (Same as Indiana Jones mini/tongue), Space Police, whatever really. All sets have usefull pieces!

Re: Brickfilming Sets

I'd buy lots of Town and Creator, which are both good for building any sort of basic building, and then any of the other lines would be good for adding interesting details to those buildings, or building other cool objects.

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