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Following the success of Christmas Holidaze last year, we're happy to announce another festive winter community event this year!

Bricks in Motion Holiday Potluck

Holiday what now?

We're keeping things fresh with a different format this year! Following the idea of a potluck, everyone will bring their own Brickfilm to the communal gathering and we'll watch them all together in a livestream on the 30th of December!

Submit your new winter holiday related brickfilm any time before the deadline and we'll add it to the playlist. Feel free to make it public as soon as you submit- we'll build our way up to the grand finale!

Raffle Prizes

At the end of the livestream, we'll spin the wheel of fortune and pick 3 lucky winners for some fabulous raffle prizes that we will reveal during the stream!


Entries will be accepted up until Christmas Day, the 24th of December (23:59 / 11.59pm EST)

Please submit in the form of a public or unlisted YouTube video to [email protected] with the email subject written in the following format:
Holiday Potluck Entry, [Your producer name], “[Title of your film]”
For example: Holiday Potluck Entry, 1x5brickstudio, “Rudolph's 101 Cooking Tips”

Alternatively, message the YouTube link to one of the BiM staff members on Discord!


This is a wide open community event for all who wish to participate. If you're not banned from Bricks in Motion, you're eligible to enter!
•    Entries should use LEGO or similar building toys as primary elements.
•    No mature/explicit content is allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: excessive swearing, excessive violence, overt sexual content, and blatant drug references.
•    Total runtime must be a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 10.
•    Submitted films must be new films, created for this holiday season. If you want to submit a film you started on before Holiday Potluck was announced, that's fine, so long as it fits the winter holiday theme.
•    Films can be posted publicly whenever you like after the Holiday Potluck announcement. Remember to submit your entry to be included in the playlist and the raffle prize draw!
•   Only one brickfilm can be submitted per director! If you're making multiple holiday themed brickfilms this year, bring your favorite to the Holiday Potluck!
•    Use of copyrighted music and characters from trademarked properties as source material are allowed, but originality is king. Try to stand out from the crowd with something refreshing and new!
• Videos must stand on their own and cannot just be advertisements for your channel or sequels/prequels that require additional context. Bring your best work to the potluck and I'm sure people will want to check out more!
• We'd love to see entries from people and cultures across the globe, but to keep things accessible, please provide English subtitles if understanding of another language is required to best enjoy your brickfilm!
•    There are no aspect ratio requirements, but be mindful that the stream will be in 16:9, so vertical video won't look its best to people viewing together.


Q: Can we collaborate with others to create an entry?
A: Yes! Collaboration is encouraged. However, we won't be able to divide up the prizes evenly for you, so you'll have to determine who receives the prizes in the case of a raffle draw. Entries may be submitted on the basis of one entry per director, so you can help with someone else's entry and still enter a film you've directed.

Q: Can we use some non-LEGO elements in building our sets and characters?
A: Yes! The intention of the rule is to put the focus of films made for the event on LEGO filmmaking, but other mediums are certainly allowed alongside. Think about what the contrast and use of different elements can help you accomplish narratively and visually.

Q: Are CG brickfilms accepted? / Does it have to be stop motion?
A: You can use any medium, so long as the primary elements clearly resemble LEGO pieces. This isn't an experimental contest, but we don't want to impose unnecessary limits on what qualifies as a brickfilm.

Q: Are we allowed to release different versions of our films at the same time as the version submitted to Holiday Potluck?
A: To keep in the spirit of the collaboration, no other version of your brickfilm should be made public until after the community livestream on the 26th December. After that, feel free to release any alternate version you like.

Q: What languages should we submit our brickfilms in?
A: The playlist will be primarily in English, but you can provide your entry in other languages with English subtitles if you prefer. Of course, no dialogue at all is also always an option!

Q: How fast and loose should I play with the content restriction rules?
A: This community event is intended to be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds, especially as everyone's contributions will be shown side by side in the livestream. As such, this probably isn't the event to push the boundaries. While it is a restriction, there's still plenty you can achieve within it and we look forward to a diverse array of brickfilms that aren't just bound by one person's idea of Christmas or any other winter festivities. If you're concerned about the content of your brickfilm idea, just ask!

Q: Are there any 'mod elements' like in THAC or BRAWL?
A: Not this time around! Mod elements are used in short contests like THAC and BRAWL to ensure people animate only during the time provided. As this event isn't about a time restriction, there is no need for mod elements.

Any further questions, feel free to comment below, or message me on Bricks in Motion Discord. Let’s bring some fun to this holiday season. #HOLIDAYPOTLUCK

Get to work and I hope to see some great videos!

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