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My STAR entry mini/smile

I started on the script not long after I finished "Deal". And being desperate for a STAR idea, I brought up the script back up and finished it. I must say I really need to work on my cheesydialogue. So this is the end of the bill movies (prequel ?)

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Re: STAR: Time

Loved it. Glad I was there for the premiere. mini/smile

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Re: STAR: Time

I like the campy dialog, that made the film for me.  The visuals were generally good, it would have been nice to see some higher contrast with that kind of lighting setup.  I'm not sure the "Time" theme was particularly evident in the story, other than the use of the word itself.

Btw, I changed the topic name to add STAR:, people don't need to submit their films to the directory with "STAR" at the front but I will add it manually to each entry for clarification purposes.

Re: STAR: Time

Time is a generally entertaining film with some pretty good cinematography.  The animation is consistently smooth, and some nice special effects thrown in here and there really spice up the film.  The collection of intertwining stories was neat and worked very well.  I agree with Smeagol that some high contrast lighting would have really made the film look even more professional.  In all, great job!  I was well entertained throughout, and the music and atmosphere of the film are spot on!

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Re: STAR: Time

No more Bill Kilalot movies? mini/sad

Oh well, there's been 4 or 5 of them already, I guess they've run their course. Anyway, this a very good film, probably the best of your Bill Kilalot films. I think I need to improve the quality of my voice recordings, they kind of took away from the dialog of my character a bit. But other than that, it was told very well. Great job.

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Re: STAR: Time

This was alot more serious than the other films but it worked well. The theme was a little weak but the plot was quite strong.


Re: STAR: Time

I enjoyed the cinematography, that was nice.  I wasn't a huge fan of the voice acting, but I've always been a stickler for that.  I really liked the score, as well.  I haven't seen all of the entries, but I've got a feeling this will be  contender. 

I also find it cool that it was a sequel to "deal."  Nice touch.

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Re: STAR: Time

That was cool.....

That's all i can say, i'm a man of few words.

Re: STAR: Time

I liked it much better than the trailer. There wasn't much to do with time for a film with time as it's name. Still it was very entertaining.
Dark by name dark by nature. Well done.


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Re: STAR: Time

I liked that.

I thought the lighting was great making the film have a more dark, mysterious feel. The music was very well done mini/smile.
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Re: STAR: Time

Time - Darkman
2.5 out of 5

You have a cool mood down, and the musical choices definitely helped here.  Still, I never really hooked onto the story. The voice actors weren't quite  as good as they needed to be to hold up the plot, and there was never much  emotion. The plot was clear, though, and kind of cool.

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Re: STAR: Time

I'm not familiar with whatever this was a sequel to so this film alone was...meh.  And talk about suspension of disbelief hitting the fan.  I do not believe someone could just break a prisoner out of a prison van like that with no effort.

The trailer certainly fooled me with high expectations.

Re: STAR: Time

Voices aren't perfect, but aren't bad either

The story was intriguing. The music and direction were, in my opinion, fantastic.

7.5/10 from me.

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Re: STAR: Time

As said, the plot is rather unclear, and yeah - I didnt really think 'Time' fitted into the story.

However: This Brickfilm contains such a beautiful marriage of music and lighting (guess who did the music?) it would be a masterpeice.


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Re: STAR: Time

That was cool. Love the white space effect.