Topic: Stop Motion Collab

So if anyone here has seen the janitorial contingency I think you get my idea. I am making a minute of lego stop motion and I am going to hand it over to another person to decide what happens next. Do note that I am no mindgame studios or Forlorn creature but I am hoping that this goes somewhere. The max amount of people will be 10 and by the end it will come back to me for the final minute, here are the rules...

No extreme profanity (but it can be kind of bloody if u want)
Has to be exactly one minute
Has to have a smooth transition from the previous clip and lead perfectly into what may come next
Has to keep the general plot and main group of characters
Has to have the same voice actors for the same characters
Write your own script
So yeah, uhhh, goodbye
Oh yeah also I will be doing voice acting calls and have a poll for the plot and the main character designs, and do note that I am a CHILD so I'm not the best filmmaker, and I am aware of the challenge and I am ready, i also created a discord server. Goodbye.

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