Topic: Bricks in Motion: Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Bricks in Motion Frequently Asked Questions page! Be sure to read the Forum Rules for general information and rules about the forum. Feel free to reply to this topic with questions if you have any.


The profile page is found at top of the forum. From there, you see your profile, and adjust your identity, settings, signature, and avatar.

How do I add an avatar?
Go to your profile, click the Avatar tab, and upload a .jpg or .png image with a file size no larger than 20kbs and image dimensions no larger than 100x100px. If your file size is too large, try using JPG Optimizer or TinyPNG to reduce the file size without sacrificing the image quality.

How do I add a signature?
Under Profile, click the Signature tab. There, you can add text, links, and images to your signature. Signatures allow all the same BBCode that forum posts do. Signatures must be no more than 4 lines tall and images must not be larger than 400x100 pixels.

Forum & Posting:

How do I edit my post?
In the bottom right corner of your post, there is an Edit button near the Quote and Report buttons. Press this, and it will load the editor.

Can I delete my post or topic?
Topics and posts cannot be deleted on Bricks in Motion.

How do I report a post?
On the bottom right corner of every post is a handy Report button. Press that, type a message to the moderators, and your report will be sent. The staff will review the reported post and take action.

Why was my topic/post deleted?
Your topic or post may have been moved to another location, the typical reason being it was posted in the wrong forum. If you can't find it, visit your Profile and click on the "Recent Posts" button.

Your post also may have broken the forum rules and was deleted. Private Message a Staff Member if you think you post was wrongfully removed.

How do I Private Message people?
At the top of the forum, there is a Private messages button. There, you can create a new message and address it to a forum user. All BBCode applies in Private Messages. Alternatively, you can find the profile of the user you want to message and press the Send a private message button. There is also a PM button below the user's avatar on every forum post.


How do I format the text within my posts?
Bricks in Motion uses BBCode to format all of its forum posts. Click the link in the previous sentence for a quick guide to BBCode. When creating and editing posts and topics, there are handy formatting buttons at the top of the text editor. Below are some handy most-used formatting codes:


How do I add links to my forum topic/post/signature?
To make text link to a URL, simply use the following BBCode:

[url=]Text Goes Here[/url]

How do I add images and linked images to my forum topic/post/signature?
You cannot upload images to Bricks in Motion. However, if you upload your image to an image hosting website, you can embed it on the forum. Imgur and Bricksafe are two examples of image hosting sites.
Once you have your image link, simply use the following BBCode:


To make the image link to a URL, simply use the following BBCode:


How do I add a quote?
If you want to directly quote another post in a topic, use the Quote button. If you want to quote multiple posts in the topic, please copy and paste the text from their posts and wrap it in Quote tags like the following to keep all the quotes you want to reply to in one post.

[quote=UsernameOfPersonBeingQuoted]This is a quote.[/quote]

Film Directory

How do I submit a film to the directory?
On the left side of the Films page, press Submit a Film. Complete all the required fields, and your film will be submitted to the directory and/or the forum (depending on which you choose). Be sure to follow all of the required Film Posting Rules before submitting your film.

How do I edit a film's description and details?
On your film's directory page, there are two large Edit buttons: one that edits the cast and crew and the other that edits the film information. If you edited the description in the directory, you will need to edit the film's description on the forum topic as well if you want them to match.

Can I delete a film that I submitted?
Films from the directory cannot be deleted from Bricks in Motion.


How do I join the Discord?
Click the Discord widget at on the Discord section to connect.  In order to get the "Site Member" role on the server, you must DM a staff member with a link to your site profile.

Do the forum rules still apply in the chatroom?
Yes. You are expected to act maturely and remain civil even in chat. Inappropriate language, spamming, and bullying will be dealt with at the moderators' discretion. There are additional Discord-specific rules posted in the #welcome-and-rules channel of the Discord server.

Other Questions
If you have other questions, feel free to ask in the topic below or in the Updates & Feedback section of the forum.