My Idea is to make jungle adventures like some explorers with a camera and having fun, then falling to the trouble, Then they will escape from it, Just like that.  So I'm recently working on a Film like that and the name of the story is THE WILD ENCOUNTER.

So I will tell you how would be the film (HEAVY SPOILERS)

Two people came into the jungle with their off roader and their fuel just finished! They got trapped in the jungle.  They are having A lot of adventures in the jungle. Oneday They saw a lioness! The lioness chased them! And finally the lioness caught them.
6 HOURS LATER: One guy wakes up. And looked... The other guy is dead. she cried... (Cinematic sad music playing) Suddenly A fairy
Appeared. The fairy said: It was my lioness... I am sorry... But I will make him Alive. Then the fairy made him alive. Then the fairy said:
The lioness that killed him was her lioness. So now A super villain caught my Lioness. Can you save my lioness? They replied YES!
The fairy made A portal And the two guys jumped into it. They reached to a scary place. THEN THE ADVENTURE BEGINS! mini/bigsmile

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