Topic: Invest in a camera

I’ve been stop motioning with my phone for a while now but after watching back on my work no matter what I do the quality is always pretty low. Should I invest in a better camera? If so what camera should I get? I’m wondering because as my skills grow I don’t want that to get diminished by poor camera quality.

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Re: Invest in a camera

The camera question's a big one that depends on a lot of things. Webcams are a really solid option if you're only going to use your camera for stop motion, but I ended up getting a DSLR because I'm into general photography as well as brickfilming. The answer really varies depending on your budget and if you want to do anything outside of brickfilming with your camera.

Re: Invest in a camera

I always recommend the Logitech C920, it's cheap, legendary, so many people use it, and you can get some great quality out of it. In my opinion this is definitely the best thing to transfer from a phone as the first camera. However, if you have a deep deep pocket, and you're planning to make a lot of really artsy films, go with a DSLR.

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