Topic: Intrusive ads


Recently the ads on BIM have become way too intrusive. There are now multiple ads in the middle of posts; Chris W.'s BRAWL announcement post had six video ads in between paragraphs. What's worse, I now regularly get "pop-up" ads when I try to click away from the front page. I have Adblock disabled on BIM because I want to support the website through the ads, but this has gotten way out of hand.

Surely this can't be intentional - in a similar post last year rioforce described the big ads as a glitch, and judging from the screenshots in that thread they are nothing compared to what is now on BIM.

Re: Intrusive ads

Thanks for the heads-up. This is not intentional; I would suspect it is the result of some sort of automatic update to the system that places ads on the site, and must be altered manually.