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The Color Yellow

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Released: June 29, 2021
Content Advisory: no violence, no language, no sexual content

An artist is sad about the new painting. Lets see, whats the solution.

This video is part of a pride month comunity project where different artist create a short with a single color. Afterwards all of this pieces are merged togeather.

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Re: The Color Yellow

Good animations. some of the moves were nice and snappy. I didn’t get how they got the blue colour from the yellow can though, I must have missed something. Edit: oh wait theres two cans mini/lol

Re: The Color Yellow

Yes, there are 2 cans. But he paint blue with a yellow can as well, so it might be a little bit confusing why it still works.
But I think this isn't the main point. And everyone gets it. Different colors are better than just one.