Topic: Steinerei 2021

Hello and welcome dear friends of the sophisticated brick!

The Brickboard is hosting the "Steinerei" annually since 2005 and 2021 there will be no exception!
This year, Filmstudio Schneider from Chemnitz will be the master of ceremony.
Usually the Steinerei would be held in a cinema, but due to corona, there is no possible way to hold a physical festival like that.
So the good news:
In 2021, the Steinerei will be held as a liveshow via YouTube!

Anybody who is interested in the biggest german brickfilming-festival and the 17 participating brickfilms being shown in full length can do so on May the 23th at 2pm CET on the YouTube-channel of the Steinerei:

The theme this year is "Secret"

The Steinerei traditionally consists of three parts:

1st The participating brickfilms:

This year, there are 17 brickfilms from 16 brickfilmers/brickfilming teams:
1. OliAG - Ich will wieder ein Zwerg sein!
2. AnyBrick - Circle
3. Paradisebrick - Der Mann mit dem Koffer
4. VielMühe Productions - Der Friseur des Midas. Wie man (vielleicht) ein Geheimnis bewahrt
5. OSKAR! - Ein Feuer bricht aus
6. Knauser - Das Meer ist voll
7. Reg Jackson - Der Geheimniskrämer
8. VielMühe Productions - Der 1-Minute-Geheimnis-Blues
9. Yetgo - Lamia lebt
10. LLAMA STUDIOS - Das Geheimnis von Brickington Hall
11. Brickstorming - L.A.M.P.E. - lustige Action mit perfeckten Effekten 4
12. Wagner Friesia Film - Der Verdächtige
13. Chaosfalter - BOND und das dreifaltige Chaos
14. Divadfilms - Die Abenteuer des Grafen, Archäologen und Historikers Klausen Bricken von Klicken
15. Joni-Brick-Studios - Hunt for the Scorpion
16. Ni Rico - The Dark Knight
17. Brickardo - Der geheimnisvolle Zauberstab

2nd: The awards:

This year, the awards are like the oscar-nominations, but with bricks!
And here are the categorys of the awards:

Best Scriptwriting,
Best Camera work,
Best Set design,
Best Stop Motion Animation,
Best Soundtrack,
Best Voice Acting,
Best Newcomer,
The publicums choice award,
Jury choice award

3rd: The aftershow

This year, the aftershow will be held on the official Brickboard Discord-server. This is the time and place to discuss the brickfilms and movies and to interact with the brickfilmers. Usually some games can be played and new friendships can be found.
Also the next Steinerei will be planned roughly (usually there are some volunteers, who ask around for a cinema, willing to host next time). So don't miss it!

See the trailer of the Steinerei 2021 here:

See you at the liveshow and aftershow!