Topic: THAC XVIII Results!
In Search of Penitence by JacobCrow
WE HATE COWS by Jack Motter & Nate Nordwall
Johnny Thunder & The Orb of Waktu by JO Co

4th Place
Seasons Change by Plastic Point Productions

5th Place
A Lonely Cyclops by MrDiscoTaco

6th Place
WAR by Noah Woodard

7th Place
ALCHEMY by AquaMorph

8th Place
SPARE PARTS by Joshua Nelson

9th Place
A Change for the Best by Code Man

10th Place
One Way Street by rioforce

11th Place
Leaving You by twickabrick

12th Place
The Unexpected Travels of Jolfund The Swol by chris@GBP

13th Place
Drafted by 2x4 Productions

14th Place
The Lucky Quarter by Beatup Bricks Productions

15th Place
Changed… by Vertical Bricks

A very special thanks to our panel of judges this year:
Dewfilms is a Bricks in Motion moderator. This will be her third consecutive year hosting THAC. She has directed brickfilms, appeared in the Bricks in Motion Documentary, and regularly voice acts for other brickfilmers.
FilmDude is a longtime member of the brickfilming community. He frequents the Bricks in Motion Discord server and is always welcoming to other members. FilmDude regularly answers video and technical questions.
Penta is a Bricks in Motion administrator and runs the BrickFilms Wiki. He is well known for his History of Brickfilms series and Benny n’ Lee. Penta is currently in production of a 10-minute long brickfilm called Taco Trouble 2.
Sebastian was the host of the Bricks in Motion Fright and Fear contest. He is currently working on a brickfilm called Welcome to Darkwood, a spinoff of Welcome to Darkmoor.
Willow Tree
Willow Tree is the current host of THAC. He has entered a number of Bricks in Motion contests throughout the years including THAC and BRAWL.

Each judge watched every film. The judges then ranked their personal top 20 films. Each of the 5  judges’ lists were run through an instant run-off voting algorithm in Google Sheets, created by AquaMorph, to produce a single top 15 list reflective of all the judges’ decisions. The judges adjusted the top 15 list as a group until they were satisfied with the outcome. Judges considered the following when watching the films: originality, production value (animation, set design, cinematography, sound, etc.), story, and creative interpretation of the theme.

The prizes for THAC XVIII were generously provided by The LEGO Group via the LEGO® Ambassador Network. A huge thank you goes out to them!

I will be in touch with the top 3 entrants to discuss prizes. Thank you for another great year of THAC, everyone!

Watch all the entries here:

Willow Tree wrote:

Here is the THAC XVIII playlist: … FfU0PGNZeZ
There are also 4 films on Google Drive and 1 film on Vimeo.

Google Drive:
Naruco: … yxopF/view
2x4 studios: … BQv4i/view
legobrickstudios emmet: … Bu9OX/view
The Brick Bro: … H4Usd/view

Schpidah-Wuss: (password: THACXVIII2021)

Re: THAC XVIII Results!

Congrats to the winners!

Re: THAC XVIII Results!

Congrats everyone!

Re: THAC XVIII Results!

yeah whoops good job...or whatever the cool kids say these days

Re: THAC XVIII Results!

Ahhh congratulations to the winners!


Re: THAC XVIII Results!

Congratulations everyone! This was a really fun year with a lot of great entries.

Re: THAC XVIII Results!

Congratulations to all the winners. This is a great collection of films that excel in different aspects. I'd like to thank the judges and Willow Tree for running an excellent contest this year.

Re: THAC XVIII Results!

Great contest!
Congrats winners!
I really liked 'we hate cows'. mini/lol

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Re: THAC XVIII Results!

Congratulations to the winner and all the entrants!  Thank you judges for hosting the contest.

Re: THAC XVIII Results!

With such a large turn out, the winners really don't stop at 15! Impressive work and thanks to WillowTree for hosting such a great contest!

Yes, it's homemade, fresh from the toaster oven.

Re: THAC XVIII Results!

congratulations everyone!

Re: THAC XVIII Results!

Congratulations to all the winners!!! All of the entries were fun to watch!


Re: THAC XVIII Results!

Congrats to the winners!  It was great that so many people entered.
Yes woo nice.

Re: THAC XVIII Results!

Congrats to everyone else and many thanks to Willow Tree and the troupe of judges. Here's to another cracking year of brickfilming!

Re: THAC XVIII Results!

Woop Woop

Re: THAC XVIII Results!

Congratulations everyone! So many great films! mini/smile
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Re: THAC XVIII Results!

Congratulations to all the winners! There were so many great entries!

Re: THAC XVIII Results!

Congrats to everyone! And thanks Willow and all the judges for an excellent contest, one for the record books!

Re: THAC XVIII Results!

It was an absolute pleasure to take part in this amazing competition! Special thanks to the judges for their time, effort, and BRAVERY for watching over 100 entries! Cheers! mini/bigsmile

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Re: THAC XVIII Results!

Congratulations to all winners!!!!!