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A dictionary series brickfilm I made, hope you like!

Remember kids don't drink strange looking cups off the ground, or you'll end up like this guy mini/tongue
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Re: Malevolence

lol mini/lol

Re: Malevolence

Great technical values in this short.  It's a pretty funny and educational little film, I hope to see some more of them!

Blast from the Past? Or Beleaguered Mediocrity from the Past?

Re: Malevolence

Hehe, this is a really good addition to the series. Story was conveyed in a great way, animation was good, the white was great... yeah everything was great, basically.

Re: Malevolence

That was really good, nothing bad. I loved it, as I do with all your brickfilms. mini/smile

what could have been: jeffrey and the old man make some robots
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