Topic: Clash of Crystalline Chaos

Clash of Crystalline Chaos

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Released: January 10, 2021
Content Advisory: mild violence, no language, no sexual content

My entry to THAC XVIII.

Full Poem:
Seek the ancient crystal for you must
It haunts your dreams and your trust
So follow it's pull
A pulse sent through your skull
You will search for days and even years
Face your deepest fears
At last you find yourself in the tunnel so long
Continuing even if it feels wrong
Pulled by the crystal's shine
It maintains it's grip on your mind
You reach to grasp the crystal aglow
Trying to remember what you know
Why this should not be done
But the crystal's sharp pull has only begun
Resistance is null
Your willpower is dull
So just give in
Lose all you sought to win

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Re: Clash of Crystalline Chaos

Great work, OneDouglas! I always love the poems you write. Really cool concept.