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I am looking for voices for the next episode of my Lego Spider-Man series. Listed below. Deadline: Dec 24

The main villain. He hunts Spider-Men all over the multiverse.
Inspiration: Clancy Brown's Lex Luthor:
Testlines:- All your power. all your potential... and now its mine.
- I hate it when they always try to have a final grand declaration. So ill-advised.

Norman Osborn (William Defoe)
One of Peter Parker's greatest enemies. Looking for William Defoe impression. Note, you also voice the Goblin.
Testlines: -“I am unlike other men. The laws of convention and morality do not apply to me”
-Whatever your employer is paying you, I’ll double it for you to work for me instead.

Miles Warren
A supporting villain. A scientist interested in cloning.
Testlines:- I could have been another casualty of Norman Osborn ego had Morlun not rescued me. In exchange for helping me with my research, I repurposed my cloning chambers for his needs.
-Maybe I'll make a few copies of you gorgeous, just for myself.

Mary Jane Watson
Peter's girlfriend.
Testlines: -Peter, you are messing with things you don't understand, and that is going to get you killed.
-If you're going, I'm have to help.

Pepper Potts
An ally of Tony Stark and Stark Industries employee
Testlines: -The hero from queens. Didn't know he was a child.
- So you played with forces you didn’t understand, and it blew up in your face big time? Shocker.

Bruce Banner
Scientist and part time superhero. A small but important role.
Testline: You realize that all this madness started with you Fury, right? My accident wasn’t enough to convince you this was wrong?

Green Goblin
Harry Osborn's alter ego. Different Goblin from Norman. Voice inspiration: … reload=101
Testlines:  - Its a minor setback. We still have another card to play. Who is the only one to ever beat him
- Spider-Man cannot be killed... by anyone else besides me.

Spiderman, but a pig
Testlines: - Yeah, I'm a pig. So what?
- You got a problem with cartoons?

Wilson Fisk/Kingpin(Vincent D'Onofrio)
The Kingpin of crime. Looking for Vincent D'Onofrio like voice. Calm, but dangerous presence.
Testlines: - Young man, you have a lot of growing up to do.
- You see the face of the man that one day will figure out who you are. And where you go to school because someone out there knows. And I will find out who they are, and who you are… and when I do… I will personally  come over to your house, and I will teach you exactly who I am.

Send auditions to [email protected]

Thanks in advance!

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This is great dialogue! Two questions,

1. Where can I see this

2. Will you do another one because I want in on what ever this is

: D