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Hello again! I hoped i wouldn't be back here so soon but unfortunately here i am.

Getting into it I use digicam to capture and hitfilm to edit video and gimp to edit individual photos. Starting off in digicam when i export my photos to a folder they have the aspect ratio of 5184x2912. I  was confused by this because i shoot in 16:9 on my camera. But if you want to export all the images in a sequence which basically just creates a video you can export in 1920x1080 which works great if there isn't a frame where i need to individually edit, such as masking when there is camera movement involved.

Now the aspect 5184x2912 doesn't affect me when editing a photo in gimp, i edit it and then replace it no problem there. But you cant bring that edited photo into digicam again to export it as an image sequence and it still has all the old ones unedited.

I watched a tutorial by brick supply on YouTube who had a video on how to import an image sequence into HF, I figured all my issues were solved but no. While i can import the photos using the option of image sequence it plays that video at a very slow speed or frame per second, i thought maybe it was just lag so i exported it using what i set up in the beginning in the project settings (1920x1080 15 fps) but it was still at a slow fps.

I tried to make the projects aspect ratio the same as the photos but you cant go that big so that wouldn't work. I also noticed that in the video his photos were a different aspect ratio then what he exported but wasn't receiving any slowness in the editor.

I don't know if there's a solution to this or maybe this made no sense to you, but if you do have an idea or know how to trouble shoot this i would greatly appreciate it!

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Re: Still struggling with image sequence importin and a number of other...

It could be your pc cant keep up with the footage.
Try updating HF to version 15 if you haven't already.
Also go on Youtube and look up hitiflm express dropping frames or hitfilm express lag issues.
I hope you can find a fix!

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