Topic: Colour Shift Issue when exporting from Premiere

Hi all, I'm having issues with my colour when exporting from Adobe Premiere. There's a wealth of information about this online but I can't find anything that seems to fix my problem.

I've recently started exporting in 4k and have found that in quicktime and on youtube, my colours are really desaturated and lack contrast compared to how I graded in the Premiere preview. The colours look fine as designed in VLC, but obviously I'm uploading to Youtube and want people to see it the way it was designed. I tried viewing on multiple devices to see if it was an issue with my monitor, but the colours are still really washed out. The image below shows how they look in VLC/Premiere compared to Youtube/Quicktime.

Here are my export settings:

I've previously exported in 1080p (exact same export settings, just different sequence width/height) and had no issues whatsoever with gamma shifts, and all my other youtube uploads look exactly how I intended them to.

One 'fix' I found was a specially designed Youtube LUT, but that just crushed my blacks way too much and darkened the overall image.

Any advice would be really helpful, I've been trawling the forums for a few hours now and found nothing that would help.

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Re: Colour Shift Issue when exporting from Premiere

Ok so I've got a (sort of) fix - I've exported as an uncompressed quicktime and that retains the right colours. However, the file size is an unholy 70GB for a 1min30sec video. Is this normal or are there any other export settings I could use?

70GB seems somewhat extortionate when I can export the H.264 file at 115MB, still 4k res, albeit with the shifted colour space.

Formerly known as the2awesomeguys