Hey, I'm making a film called "And then there's the other one" - Its a film I have been working on for a while now and I'm hoping to enter it in for the Fright or Fear contest - which means I NEED VOICES ASAP.

Firstly a brief overview of the film: After a chemical accident at a lab, Dr Noel Woodard is turned into an evil creature like version of himself and commits a terrible crime! While his close friend (who is also a scientist) tries to find a cure, two detectives are searching for the creature who committed the crime!

The characters I need voices for are:

- a young gentleman (but still and adult - or adult sounding)
- Friendly but scared                                                                                             <TAKEN
- quite frightened for the latter part of the film

Older Doctor (name TBA)
- an older gentleman
- kind                                                              <TAKEN
- quite focused on in the film
- male
- tries to do right by his friends at all times

Detective (ONLY  D2 REMAINING)
- Experienced and brave
- doesn't worry about much                                                                  <TAKEN
-Ages doesn't really matter, but they must sound adult
-Can be male or female, doesn't really change that much in the story tbh

(both detective character's are pretty similar - and are good friends)

[s]-evil version of noel (can be the same voice actor as noel or different, I dont mind)

-Dirty minded sometimes                                                                    <TAKEN
-like a creature in the way he acts

For Leon, I guess the best way I could describe him is Beetlejuice but slightly less crazy and a bit darker

Please get back to me ASAP if interested by replying to this or (preferably) shooting me a quick email at: [email protected] - Or even messaging me on my Instagram if you really can't do the others.

(If you really have to message me on Instagram - please start your message with "ATTTOO VOICE ACTOR" so i know it's you)

Once you do those and I know you are okay for the role, I will send you the script and we can get on with it! I will update this as voices/characters are taken


p.s. I have no money - sorry ;-;

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