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hello i need help with getting some voice for my brawl entry
if you could send them to [email protected] with the title brawl2020 and include what name you want crediting as

dan - wacky voice
-Berrick I need your help, an angry mob is threatening to burn down my great great great times a hundred grandfathers museum, since they deem it to be racist
-But I need You; you’re the brains in this relationship
-Ok Berrick I do love you. You know that
-Good we made it time, the angry mob hasn’t destroyed it yet. But now what do we do?
-What just like jam?
-Well If I’m not real, can I do this?
-Now where were we?

berrick - more serious tone (has now been cast)
-Fine I guess, since I have nothing better to do today, but fix that wall you just broke. Ok then lead the way
-I also love you for some reason
-We need to preserve it
-Er sort of. We need to keep it clean and well maintained. Also we need to stop the angry mob from destroying or damaging it, so the future can learn about your great great great times hundred grandfather and his business

nerdy voice
-Erm excuse me but dinosaur bones are not real. The devil planted them in the ground to confuse man

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Re: Brawl 2020 casting call (closed)

I will send you those lines for Dan!

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