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Neighborhood War

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Released: June 13, 2020
Content Advisory: moderate violence, mild language, no sexual content

One house, two bitterly fighting families. Deeply torn apart, they try to get the other away with whatever means they have...

Created for the Steinerei Brickfilm Festival. Won best soundtrack.

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Re: Neighborhood War

Good film, I like it. It’s in a somber tone heightened by the soundtrack. I loved the camerawork; many of the shots were inventive.
On the negative side I did not get the twist near the end and what happened to one character. I think it’s because the voice actors are not native English.

Re: Neighborhood War

Thank you very much, I am happy that you liked it! The twist in the ending, if that is meant, would be that the daughter died in war and the father is giving the blame to the other family. Indeed it might be lost due to translation, as it is also just implied and never directly stated.

Re: Neighborhood War

Great job!  This is probably my favorite brickfilm you've made and one of my favorites of the year.

Re: Neighborhood War

Thanks very much!