Topic: Happy 81st Bat-Man!

Happy 81st Bat-Man!

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Released: May 24, 2020
Content Advisory: mild violence, no language, no sexual content

In this month (May) in 1939, a brilliant artist named Bob Kane created the character we now know today as Batman. This is a tribute to his original character, the Bat-Man, on the 81st anniversary of his first comics issue. (Cover dated May 1939)

Stay tuned for more thrilling adventures!

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Re: Happy 81st Bat-Man!

Love this short! Great work (and improvements) on effects, lighting, and animation! Especially those gunshots & smoke! I really enjoy the action-y pace too. Of course, I thought episode 1 "The Axeman's Jazz" was really well done - but there's just something about an all-out action sequence that, in my opinion, fits so well with such a noir superhero like Bat-Man is.

Thanks for having me help out again. Looking forward to more episodes in the future! mini/bigsmile

P.S. The minimates scale and added articulation is really enticing from an animation perspective. I might have to get some and try it out for myself.