Topic: Quasimodogeniti


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Released: April 19, 2020
Content Advisory: no violence, no language, no sexual content

For the 1st Sunday after Easter there is a film today, which is especially for all children. But adults are also welcome to watch it...

The first Sunday after Easter has a beautiful name, a Latin name. It's called "Quasimodogeniti".
Quasimodogeniti - in English it does not sound so special, it means "like the newborns".
A long time ago at Easter people who felt connected with Jesus Christ were baptised. These were then Christians. Some felt "like newborn" through baptism. With baptism, everyone should know that they belong together. And they should know that God accepts them as his own child. Just as a newborn child belongs in his family.

With every person life begins anew. How wonderful to think about this again and again and then perhaps feel "like newborn" yourself.

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