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PITCH Part 2


There's something else aboard PITCH...

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This is the second part of my PITCH Sci Fi series.  I first had the idea back in 2013/2014 and didn't get around to making the first part till Oct 2019.  I've been desperate to continue it and refine my animation/cinematography/sound, and this lockdown was the perfect opportunity to do that!

Story by - Sam Richardson & Gareth Pugh
Score - Neil James Hibbert (Phase Drive Media)
Directed/Animated/Edited by - Sam Richardson
CG Artist - Gareth Pugh
CG Model - Sunder_59
Special Thanks -
PITCH Part 1 Out Now!
Part 2 Coming Soon

Re: PITCH Part 2

Hi guys, I hope it's alright to share the Behind The Scenes vlog I shot for this film mini/smile
(just finished putting it together)
PITCH Part 1 Out Now!
Part 2 Coming Soon