Topic: Need an intro?

I can make animated intros for free!! (I am not a pro) (I will use what pieces I have) (I have a lot) PM me if needed, or reply to this thread. mini/tongue The intros will be around 10-20 seconds long. mini/bigsmile

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Re: Need an intro?

While this is great that you want to do this, please put more information about what you provide, or I'm going to have to lock this topic.

For example, what would an intro from you look like, would it be LEGO? Do you have an actual example?


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Re: Need an intro?

I will make them out of lego, and I dont have an example right now, but I will post one as soon as i have one. an animated intro would just be a small clip of whatever you tell me to do, and then it will say your name. you tell me what name to use. you can choose the font, and the color.

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