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Lego Batman Workout


Join Lego Batman for a 10-minute full-body workout! I decided to get creative with some of the extra time I had on my hands, and after working out to a few Youtube workout videos, I thought it'd be cool if the was a Lego-fied version of a workout video, and who better to lead it then Batman mini/smile We hope you enjoy!

This was a great practice for some animation techniques that I had been wanting to try out for a while (i.e. moving minifugures in unexepected ways, jumping, etc), as well as some editing tricks (i.e. the countdown timers)


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Re: Lego Batman Workout

Great concept and production value. Some of the moves were effective; like the characters had a weight to them.
This would make a great series. I would watch  another one featuring Batman or some other comic hero with, for example, a kettlebell work out for sure.